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Region: Piemonte


The Schiavenza Cantine has been operating in the Serralunga d'Alba area since 1956.

Production was started by brothers, Vittorio and Ugo Alessandria, and now is carried on by the son-in-law Luciano Pira (agronomist and cellar man) and assisted by his wife Maura Alessandria, and brother-in-law Walter Anselma.

In the past, the cantine with the surrounding lands was owned by the Opera Pia Barolo where the work in the vineyards was carried out by sharecroppers called "Schiavenza", hence the curious name of the company.

The company currently owns about ten hectares of vineyards in the Serralunga d'Alba area. From these precious lands the company produces quality red wines thorough artisan processes.


The company's production focuses exclusively on reds; the Dolcetto d'Alba and Barbera d'Alba are traditionally vinified from the grapes of the young vineyard located in the Perno district in the municipality of Monforte d'Alba with an aged version in large barrels

Langhe Nebbiolo, 100% Nebbiolo grapes; a Barolo fruit of an assembly of Nebbiolo grapes harvested from vineyards with different exposures, all in the municipality of Serralunga d'Alba and three selections from the "Broglio", "Prapò" and "Bricco Cerretta" vineyards

Finally Barolo Chinato, a flavored wine obtained from a traditional family recipe.

The company has its own restaurant where you can taste Schiavenza wines alongside the best dishes of the Langa cuisine.

Region: Piemonte