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Tenuta Cucco

Region: Piemonte


Tenuta Cucco became a part of Tenementi Rossi Cairo, the company that overlooks the Rossi Cairo family’s agricultural activities, in 2015. Their attraction to the estate lay in the Cru Cerrati vineyard and the historical cellar which overlooks Mount Moviso.
The acquisition of Tenuta Cucco, which began as a winery in the 1960’s, allowed the Rossi Cairo family to continue their organic and biodynamic approach to winemaking and agriculture. They have treated this estate in a similar manner to La Raia, their other winery in the hills of Gavi, centring Tenuta Cucco in organic wine production.


Tenuta Cucco’s vineyards are found in one of the most historically rich areas of the Barolo territory, Serralunga d’Alba. Most notably, the area is home to the Caste of Serralunga d’Alba, a 14th century fortress owned by the Faletti family in ancient times. In Tenuta Cucco’s estate itself, you can also find the church of San Sebastiano nel Borgo, at the center of Serralunga d’Alba.
Serralunga d’Alba is one of the highest municipalities amongst the eleven towns of the Barolo appellation. The vineyards of Tenuta Cucco cover 13 hectares and include a number of varieties, dominated by Nebbiolo, along with Dolcetto, Chardonnay and Barbera. The age of the vineyards ranges from 15 to 50 years old. Tenuta Cucco’s production varies from year to year, approximately 70,000 bottles of which the largest proportion is Barolo from the vineyards: Menzione Cerrati, Bricco Voghera, and Vigna Cucco.
The other vineyards are located in the Menzione Geografica Aggiuntiva Bricco Voghera. The Barbera d’Alba comes from vineyards in the municipality of Roddi d’Alba, a cru coming from a single vineyard called Elia.