wine producer

Elio Perrone

Region: Piemonte


The Perrone family have been making Moscato on the hills of Castiglione Tinella since the end of the nineteenth century.
The labour of four generations of viticulturalists laid the foundations of this estate before Stefano Perrone took over the direction in 1989, introducing a commitment to producing grapes of the highest quality in the vieyards, and rigorous vinification techniques in the cellar.


Today, a modern cellar stands on the edge of perhaps the estate's most most prestigious vineyard, that of "Sourgal".
The Moscato grapes harvested from this single vineyard are vinified with utmost care using all the technical resources available in the cellar.
Moscato forms the major part of the estate's production.
The same rigourous methods of working are applied to the Barbera and Bigaro,' and smaller quantities of other varieties.
The overall area is 13 hectares under vines, all planted on hills 360 metres above sea level with ideal exposure to the sun.
The grape yields per plant are strictly controlled and the harvest carefully selected before vinification.