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Region: Piemonte


The Paitin estate was founded by Benedetto Elia in 1796, who purchased 2 ha. of vineyard in Bricco di Neive, and began planting Nebbiolo and Barbera.

Since Benedetto’s time, the Paitin family (even dynasty!) have been committed to producing high quality Barbera’s and Nebbiolo’s. Over the years, the winery has weathered various disasters, such as both World Wars (throughout which the family remained producing wine) and a devastatingly bad case of Phylloxera in 1948, requiring the vineyards to be totally replanted.

Currently Secondo Elia and his two sons Giovanni and Silvano run the winery. Azienda Paitin remains a small family-run business whose only aim is making the best wine possible from their unique terroir.

The uniqueness of Paitin lies in the expression of this solid bond that their family - Pasquero-Elia - has established. Resisting wars and bad weather, through 8 generations, this alliance has become more indissoluble. This perseverance is what has allowed Serraboella's Grand Cru (MGA): Sorì Paitin, from 1893 to the present day, to become one of the most identifiable expressions of the traditional Barbaresco of Neive.



Serraboella di Neive gives birth to wines of rare expression: dark and vibrant, long and long-lived, taut and elegant. The result of the cool wind of summer nights that daily counteracts the heat that develops in the steep valley of white marl exposed to the South-West. Their Barbaresco comes from these great lands. Ethical management is therefore essential. Respecting what has been, preserving what is and what will be. To preserve its uniqueness.


The unparalleled art is the one in which the form transcends the content; wine is the art that expresses the “terroir” at its best. Our art is dictated by the traditional Piedmontese vinification techniques, which is rooted in our secular knowledge and in the value of patience: long waiting for maceration and ageing. The Great Vineyards or Cru of Barbaresco and Barolo are translated as such: an interpretation of a soil through ages of experience. Of devotion and sensation that are embedded in the head and in the hands of some families, that live and breathe our lands