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Region: Piemonte


The Cavalotto farm was officially founded in 1928. However, their history begins in the 18th century as Bricco Boschis, then known as ‘Monte della Guardia’, property of Countess Juliette Colbert.
In 1928, Giacomo Cavallotto acquired the Boschis property, and in 1946 his grandchildren, brothers Olivio and Gildo, started to vinify the grapes selling them as their own bottled and labelled wine, under the watchful eye of their father and uncle, Giuseppe and Marcello Cavallotto.
In 1948, the cellars were expanded accommodating to the growing nature of the company and the brand “Cavallotto” was launched, bottling their first Barolo. Since then, various vineyards were acquired namely: Vigna San Giuseppe, Colle Sudovest (Southwest Hill), Punta Marcello (Marcello’s Hilltop) and for the Barbera d’Alba, Vigna Cuculo. In 1989, the family acquired 60% of the historic Vignolo Cru (adjacent to the Bricco Boschis) and were the first to bottle this cru on its own as the Cavallotto Barolo Riserva Vignolo.


The estate owns 25 hectares of planted vineyards encompassing the Bricco Boschis and Vignolo crus.
More than half of the vineyard area (17 hectares) is planted with Nebbiolo for their Barolos, harvested at an average of 38 hl/ha. Subsequently, 3 hectares are planted with Dolcetto, and 2 hectares with Barbera. The rest of the vineyard land is planted to a mix of Freisa, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Grignolino.
The climate in the Lower Langhe region around Alba is characterised by hot and dry summers (average summer temperatures sit around 26°C) with snowy, cold winters. The spring and autumn intervals are generally mild, and the vines are well-adapted to the particular local climatic conditions.

Region: Piemonte