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Ciabot Berton

Region: Piemonte


Though the Obertos are able to trace their links to this land back several centuries, it was from the 1950s that this family really began producing Barolo in earnest. Established by Luigi Oberto and his father Giovenale, who initially cultivated 2 ha. of Nebbiolo on the Bricco San Biagio hill as a cash crop to sell at the Alba market.
Luigi soon decided to produce his own wine, initially only producing a few thousand bottles a year. Slowly the family began acquiring more and more land, which they entirely dedicated to grape growing.
Today the Obertos possess 12 ha. and a modestly-sized winery – known as a ‘ciabot’ in Piedmontese dialect. Situated on a hill overlooking their Nebbiolo vineyards, the winery boasts stunning views of peaks Cervino and Monte Rosa.
As of the 1990s, Luigi’s children Marco, trained as an oenologist, and Paola, an agronomist, have been working ‘in cantina’. Aware of the quality and potential of their grapes, they have decided to vinify the different vineyards separately, to preserve the noticeable nuances their Nebbiolo offers.


Bricco San Biagio

San Biagio hill stands opposite the winery, which is comprised of three hectares of vineyards exposed to the south and south-west. This land is home to forty-year-old vineyards of Nebbiolo.

The lightness of the soil, due to the presence of sandy veins, gives the wine produced from these rows of vines a variegated range of floral aromas

Next to the Nebbiolo vineyards there is a small plot of 0.3 hectares of Barbera that was planted after the Second World War.


The Roggeri cru, exposed to the south-east at an altitude of 300 m above sea level, extends from the Roggeri hamlet to their winery.

Four hectares of Nebbiolo are cultivated here and are divided into three parts, including their oldest vineyards, planted about 50 years ago. The age of the vineyards, along with deep, clayey soil, produces grapes that are very rich in polyphenols, which gives the ‘Barolo Roggeri’ its great structure, noble character and pronounced tannins.


This is the family’s oldest vineyard, purchased in 1876 by great-grandfather Luigi. The vineyards cultivated in the small plot, which measures 0.5 hectares, enjoy excellent southerly exposure and have an average age of fifteen years.


Cappallotti is located is near the winery, in the hamlet where the Oberto family originally lived. The plot is around a hectare in size, facing east, characterised by the presence of an aquifer, which produces wines with excellent drinkability and evident crispness.


A plot measuring approximately three hectares in size, with easterly and south-easterly exposure, situated at an altitude of 350-450 metres above sea level.

This vineyard was purchased by the Oberto family in the 2000’s and is mainly planted with Nebbiolo and partly with Dolcetto. the old vineyards, which are about thirty years old on average, produce austere and balsamic wines with excellent structure.