Barolo DOCG Ciabot Berton

Region: Piemonte


Produced from a blend of Nebbiolos from three different vineyards: Roggeri, Bricco San Biagio and Rive. Favourable hillside positioning, good exposure to sunlight, no spring frosts, mixed soil and good drainage. Planted at an altitude of 250 - 300 m.asl.

Grapes are guyot-trained. An ideal method as it separates every branch. Only one bunch of grapes is allowed to grow per shoot, and as the bunches do not touch, every grape is perfectly exposed to wind and sun. Vines are 30 years old on average. 3,800 vines per Ha, yielding 45 Hl/Ha.


Hand-harvested. The grapes are collected in slatted fruit-boxes and pressed immediately after. Traditionally macerated, leaving the must and grape skins together for 18 - 20 days at 28°C in vats of glass-lined concrete vats. The wine is aged in barrels of French oak for 24 - 30 months in 25 hl. Slavonian oak casks, before being bottled.

Grape Varieties

100% Nebbiolo