wine producer

Luigi Einaudi

Region: Piemonte


Poderi Luigi Einaudi’s story began in 1897. When Luigi Einaudi, at the time only 23 years old, bought the farm ‘San Giacomo’ in the commune of Dogliani which comprised of 15 hectares of vineyards. Under his guidance, the farm bottled and sold Dolcetto, achieving success outside the borders of Piedmont. After this, he bought his first Nebbiolo vineyards, initially in Barolo and then in Neive. Despite his various roles in office, first as senator and then as President of the Republic of Italy, he never failed to miss a day of harvest.
Poderi Einaudi continues to grow following a familiar path of acquiring the highest quality vineyards in its surrounding area. Most recently, it has acquired the highly prestigious ‘Vigna Cannubi’ in Barolo, and other vineyards in the Barbaresco hills.


The 13 farmhouses that form the Poderi Luigi Einaudi are located in the historically recognised crus of the Langhe region for their exposure, position, and quality of terrain. They total to 150 hectares of land, of which 70 are dedicated to the production of wine.
Of their 70 hectares used for wine production: 43 hectares are in Dogliani and Farigliano, 7.53 hectares in Barolo, 5.93 hectares in Monforte d’Alba, 3.54 hectares in Neive, and 1.5 hectares in Verduno