wine producer

Enzo Boglietti

Region: Piemonte


The Boglietti winery was established in 1991 and remains a family-run business to this day. Originally only 3 ha., the estate has grown with its owner's reputation and now boasts an impressive 22 ha. in prime La Morra territory.
The 3 hectares of property was inherited from their grandfather Matteo Boglietti, born in 1899, who owned portions of the Brunate, Boiolo, Roscaleto and Bricco del Dente vineyards, all located in La Morra. The remaining vineyard comes from their mother’s side (her father Giovanni Montanaro, born in 1900) who owned both the Fossati farmhouse and a portion of the Fossati vineyard, in La Morra.
Prior to 1991 all their grapes were sold to the local ‘cantine sociali’ with a small portion remaining within the family for wine production at home.
They key factor that brought about the decision being producing wine was the milk price crisis in the late 80’s with the low-priced milk coming in from Germany that the family could not compete with.
And so, trusting the advice and suggestions of some of our friends and wine producers like Alessandro Fantino, Roberto Voerzio, Andrea Oberto and Eraldo Viberti, their wine adventure took off.
Enzo Boglietti now produces 100,000 bottles annually.


All their Barolo vineyards have excellent exposition, their altitude range between 320 and 480 meters and are amongst the most prestigious in the Barolo region:
Brunate, ha 0,52; Boiolo ha 1,95; Case Nere ha 1,1; Fossati ha 1,8; Riserva ha 1,1 all in the Comune di La Morra and Arione ha 0,7 in the Comune di Serralunga d’Alba.