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Region: Piemonte


Cantine Manfredi was born in 1863 when Nicolas Manfredi produced his first Dolcetto. Today, brothers Aldo and Luigi Manfredi own and run the winery, and are assisted by enologist Giovanni Marchisio. Based in South Piedmont, Langhe, the estate measures 100 Ha, with vineyards in Farigliano and Dogliani in the Langhe hills, an area particularly well known for grape-growing, thanks to the quality of soil, a combination of clay and chalk/lime.

Wine has been a passion for the Manfredi family for over a hundred years. It all started with their great-grandfather, Nicolao Manfredi, at the beginning of the 20th century. However, it was with Aldo Manfredi’s father Giuseppe, known as 'Pin', that at the end of the 1930s, transformed the family tradition of winemaking into a business, where his love for the land of Langhe convinced him that this was the correct path. In the sixties, when Aldo was still very young, he began to work with his father, side by side, helping him with the work in the cellar and taking care of deliveries, creating special relationships and friendships that continue to this day.

Today, Aldo and his wife Gianfranca, together with their daughters Luisa and Paola and a close-knit team, passionately continue working with a common focus on product quality, protection of the territory and the desire to continue a family history that began many years ago.


Langhe is a unique place, as demonstrated by its status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2014: a sea of chasing hills, some more arduous, others gentler, a land of white marl and blue tuff, with an ideal climate for the growth and prosperity of the vine.

The Manfredi Cellars are in a 'wilder' portion of Langa, not dictated by a monoculture, but by a perfect alternation of vineyards, hazelnut groves, woods, and wheat fields.
Only the areas with the best exposure are cultivated with vines. An example is the Bricco Rosso hill, entirely dedicated to vines, where its microclimate gives full-bodied and important wines.

The Bricco Rosso farmhouse, owned by their family for generations, is an old farmhouse overlooking the vineyards and enjoys a unique view of the Langhe and the Alps. Recently renovated, it is now a relaxing place to stay while discovering the wonders of the landscape and food and wine of the area, where you can enjoy a great glass of wine and spend pleasant days on special occasions.