Piemonte Brachetto DOC

Region: Piemonte

Sub-region: Bistagno


Vines are planted in the Brachetto DOC zone at an elevation of 290 m.asl. Vineyards are situated on a south-west facing slope, with a 22° incline - excellent for drainage. The Brachetto grapes are low guyot trained, and yield an approximate 38 hl./ha.


After the harvest, the sweet and ripe Brachetto grapes are destalked and transferred to the pneumatic press in preparation for Cryo-maceration, the extracts of which fixes both colour and aromatic substances. After this preliminary stage lasting approximately 5 or 6 hours, the grapes are soft pressed. They are then filtered and transferred to a refrigerated store at 0°C in order to stop fermentation activity. After this, the must is kept in steel tanks. These retain the carbon dioxide, permit the must to be heated to approximately 15°C, and retain the natural sugars. The purpose of this procedure is to promote the fermentation process which will reach 6% vol. of alcohol. The product is then cooled to a temperature of 0°C in order to stop further fermentation. Only once this process is complete can the product be finally called Piemonte Brachetto.

Grape Varieties

100% Brachetto, 'Migliardi' clone