Moscato d’Asti DOCG La Caliera

Region: Piemonte


Vines are planted in this DOCG zone at an elevation of 450 m.asl. Vineyards are situated on a south-west facing slope, with a 32° incline - excellent for drainage. The Moscato Bianco grapes are low guyot trained, and yield an approximate 55 hl./ha.

The name La Caliera was chosen as a tribute to a lady whose home was on the outskirts of the vineyards and who played a treasured part in the Galliano family's lives. The memory of a warm, generous heart and a quiet, noble character is reflected in these old vineyards.


After the harvest the Moscato grape, now ripe and sweet, undergoes a soft pressing in an air pneumatic press. The must is then refrigerated to 0°C in order to reduce any fermentation activity. It is then filtered and transferred to a tank which retains the carbon dioxide and warms the must, which is still entirely sugary, to a temperature of 15°C. The purpose of this is to promote the fermentation process which is allowed to continue until 5.0% vol. becomes alcohol. The product is then cooled to a temperature of 0°C in order to prevent further fermentation.

Grape Varieties

100% Moscato Bianco di Canelli