wine producer

Gianni Brunelli

Region: Toscana


‘Gianni Brunelli - Le Chiuse di Sotto' was founded in 1987, when Gianni made his lifelong dream a reality, and returned to his native Montalcino to buy back the Azienda where his father Dino once worked. Sadly, Gianni Brunelli passed away some years ago. Since then his partner and wife, Laura, has taken charge of the winery herself - with great success.


The winery is composed of two separate estates, both within the confines of Montalcino, ‘Le Chiuse di Sotto’ and Azienda Podernovone.
Le Chiuse is located in North-East Montalcino, a 5 ha. estate planted 2 ha. to vine and 3 ha. to olive. 75% of Brunelli’s grapes go to producing their signature Brunello, and the rest to Rosso di Montalcino. The mixed soil, cool microclimate, and the maturity of the well-aged vines add complexity and finesse to Brunelli's wines.
Azienda Podernovone is located on the south-eastern slopes of the town, at a maximum altitude of 320 meters above sea level, and is characterised by a warmer and breezier microclimate, with a rich mix of clay loam and schistous earth. It measures 10 ha., of which 4.40 ha. are planted to vine. In 1998 they planted their first 2.2 ha of Sangiovese, in the clay-rich soil with a highly desirable south-westerly exposure.