wine producer

Canalicchio di Sopra

Region: Toscana


In 1962 Primo Pacenti founded Azienda Agricola Canalicchio di Sopra. Situated in the northern side of the commune of Montalcino, the farm extends for about 60 ha, 15 of which are cultivated with vines and 2 with olive groves.
Three generations live here side by side with the common aim of producing quality wines, founder and grandfather Primo, father Pier Luigi Ripaccioli and grandchildren Simonetta, Marco and Francesco.
The family owns vineyards in two of Montalcino's most famous sub-zones: Canallicchio di Sopra and Le Gode di Montosoli. The different exposures and the geological differences of the two soils are reflected in the grapes.