wine producer


Region: Toscana


Since 1992, the Lippi and Santoni families have been making wine in Chianti Rufina, reviving an old, abandoned estate. Since 1999, all their production of wine and olive oil has been certified organic.
The estate's history predates even its Roman-inspired name, "Vico". Archaeological discoveries, including Roman house remnants, coins, and significant Etruscan fortifications and artefacts, attest to its ancient origins.


Situated in Chianti Rufina, between the Sieve and Mugello valleys, the Frascole estate extends itself over 80 hectares. The heart of the operation lies at the Vico farm atop Frascole hill, nearly 400 meters above sea level, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, with quaint medieval houses at its centre.
The vineyards, handed down over several generations, lie atop ancient Etruscan and Roman sites. They employ high-density planting and manual harvesting to maintain low yields. Frascole grow their white grapes, predominantly Trebbiano Toscano, on the north-facing, cooler slopes in their estate.