wine producer


Region: Toscana


For over 5 generations the Grati family have been producing quality wine and olive oil. This is truly a family-run business, and all members have a role. Son and daughter Gualberto and Cristiana work alongside their father Gianfranco in the winery, whilst son-in-law Luca Rossi manages the vineyards.
The family is collaborating with the University of Florence to amass a data bank of various ancient and autochthonous grape varieties. This important project was facilitated from the outset by the late Grato Grati, who planted new vines using old grafts, so that the numerous grape varieties on Grati land were preserved. The project ‘Recupero, Conservazione e Valorizzazione del Germoplasma Viticolo nel Territorio Chianti Rufina’, or ‘Preservation, Conservation and Analysis of grape vine germoplasm in Chianti Rufina’, has since been taken over by Gualberto, who is proudly amassing a great number of ancient and rare varieties in a vine nursery, with varieties as meticulously labelled as a museum.


With three beautiful estates to the east of Florence - Galiga, Vetrice and Villa di Monte - this azienda's vineyards cover a total of 562 ha., 100 + ha. of which are dedicated to growing typical Tuscan varieties, including some ancient strains that Gualberto Grati is experimenting with for potential commercial production.