wine producer

Podere 414

Region: Toscana


'414' was the number allocated to this estate in the famous 1960’s 'Ente Maremma" land reform, in which large properties that had been owned by rich landowners in the 'mezzadria' were split up and redistributed amongst assignee families. These families were mostly unable to transform the land however, the land often being difficult to domesticate. Ultimately, many of the former sharecropper families used their land for subsistence farming.
In the late 90s, renowned Tuscan enologists Maurizio and Giuseppe - father and grandfather of Simone Castelli, owner and producer of Podere 414 - went for a walk in the Maremma and chose this plot of land for its potential. After graduating in agricultural sciences, Simone went on to run the winery, and has made significant waves in modern Tuscan enology with his Morellino.


Today, the total territory of the estate measures 49 hectares, 22 of which are vineyards, and is situated mostly on the ridge hills in front of the small town of Montiano.