wine producer


Region: Toscana


Founded in 1892 by Count Venceslao Spalletti of Emilia, who was succeeded by sons Giambattista and Cesare. Increasingly from the 1920s the estate gained a reputation for producing high-quality Tuscan wine, notably reds for laying down. The winery underwent a transformative process in the 70s and 80s, but re-established itself in the 90s as Azienda Agricola Colognole.
Overseen today by great-grandson Cesare Coda Nunziante, this large estate is divided into three vineyard groups: at Colognole, higher up on Monte Giovi, and lower down at Poggio Reale.
The fact that all three vineyard groups are in such different locations and are at varying altitudes allows for a much greater selection of grapes at harvest-time, and for experimentation with cloning and different grape varieties.