wine producer


Region: Veneto


In 1977, Tommaso started working at his uncle Giuseppe's small estate in the heart of Valpolicella and from the outset discovered a passion for the craft of winemaking.
In 1983, with his first vintage, he embarked on a "new" course of winemaking, to constantly improve the quality of his wine. From there on in, Tommaso meticulously sought after the highest quality at every stage of the winemaking process.
In 1992, he built his first new winery, sparing no cost on technology and oak barrels for the perfect maturing of his wines. These wines of highest quality came under his new label TB.
Nowadays, Tommaso is helped by his wife Daniela and his two sons Paolo and Giuseppe, in their even more impressive "cathedral like" cellars on the hills above Negrar.


Bussola’s vineyards are at the heart of Valpolicella near Negrar. Vigneto Alto is at 260m above sea level with 1.6 hectares of vines of average, age 40 years trained in the traditional pergola style. Vigneto Casalin at 300m above sea level with 2.2 hectares of vineyards trained with Pergola trellises on volcanic soils with an average age of 30 years and Ca'del Laito which consists of 7 hectares spread across three areas.
In the vineyards, ancient, low producing clones of difficult low yielding varieties are found such as Corvinone instead of Corvina