Valpolicella Superiore Riserva DOC Ca del Laito

Region: Veneto


The grapes are pressed in mid October. Fermentation is then initiated immediately through the innoculation of selected yeasts. Following a fermentation of 10 days at ambient temperature, the wine is racked with a residual sugar of 20 g/l. After another 10 days, it is racked again off the gross deposit.
Around March, 90% of the wine undergoes a week-long refermentation on the Amarone lees. The wine is then racked again, assembled with the remaining 10% and placed in 700-litre second-passage tonneaux of Styrian oak. After ageing for 17 months in wood, it is assembled in a single mass, and undergoes a light fining with egg-whites.

The wine is bottled in September, and aged another three months before release onto the market.

Grape Varieties

Made from a blend of Corvina (Corvinone) 40%, Rondinella, 45%, Molinara and other varieties 15%