Amarone Classico DOC TB

Region: Veneto


Fermentation lasts about 55 days, with frequent pumpings over. The wine is then racked and placed in a stainless steel tank for 10 days. It is racked again, and transferred to 12 – 25 hl. barrels of Slavonian and French oak. At this stage the wine usually registers a residual sugar level of 40 g/l. It is aged for 36 months on fine lees while it slowly finished fermenting. Racking and assemblage follow, after which bottling takes place in March. It is then allowed to rest for four months before being commercially released.

Grape Varieties

Made from a blend of Corvina (Corvinone) 75%, Rondinella, 20%, Cabernet F., and 5% Dindarella, Croatina and Molinara