wine producer

San Martino

Region: Veneto


Now in its 3rd generation, this family-run winery has been growing since the 1960s. Founded by Grandfather Luigi Cescon, the San Martino estate was then passed onto son Giovanni, and finally to his nephew Walter. ‘Azienda Agricola F.lli Cescon’ was founded in 1969 with the cultivation of grapes beginning on the farm, and in 1981, the estate started marketing itself as ‘San Marino’.
Profoundly believing in an honest day's work, the unwavering pursuit of quality and a respect for new technology - but not at the expense of the quality of tradition - this family's business has grown from strength to strength since being established.


San Martino has in recent years placed their focus, whilst modernising the winery, to make a return to traditional organic methods of farming. They have created a large organic vineyard in eastern Veneto inspired by the principles of sustainable agriculture.
Their estate also includes Tenuta Casenove, an area containing particularly fertile land is composed of alluvial materials from the rivers Piave and Livenza. Tenuta Piave is the location of the estate’s historic vineyards that run along the Piave and Tenuta Il Bosco is another vineyard, where its microclimate favours the cultivation of the Glera grape.