wine producer

Prà Graziano

Region: Veneto


Graziano Prà has been a part of the company since the 1980, carrying on the work of his father and grandfather. For three generations, the Prà Graziano estate has been making wine in Soave and Valpolicella.
For generations the Prà family produced wine but never commercially, until Graziano started the family winery in the early 1980’s. Now, he is one of the leading producers in the Soave appellation.
The Monte Grande vineyard, located in the heart of Soave Classico, has been owned by the family for generations with much of the plantings made in the 1970’s. La Morandina and Monte Bisson were acquired in 2001 and 2016 respectively.


For Graziano, the implementation of organic agriculture at La Morandina for the wines of Valpolicella was an act of love towards preserving an uncontaminated land, from which vines steadily rise from the ancient marl fossils.
As a strong supporter of natural viticulture, he has operated organically since the beginning and has 7 fully certified organic hectares in Valpolicella. He is now in the process of certifying his 30 hectares in Soave too.