Prosecco DOC Extra Dry

Region: Veneto

Sub-region: Soligo


Produced from vineyards in Soligo, which, though they do not strictly fall within the boundaries of the Valdobbiadene DOCG zone, and lie in the DOC zone instead, are nevertheless only a stone’s throw from the boundary. Biancavigna’s DOCs therefore also have the unmistakable minerality and structure usually attributed to the DOCG.


Grapes are hand-harvested, then soft-pressed. Fermented at a controlled temperature. Stored in stainless steel on the lees. The second fermentation occurs in autoclave (sealed tanks), with specifically selected yeasts for 40 days. There follows cold stabilisation and sterile bottling at 16.5 g/l residual sweetness.

Grape Varieties

100% Glera