Pinot Bianco


From the hills of Kurtatsch and the valleys of Margreid, former planted at 400 - 600 m.asl., latter at 210 m.asl. Combines characteristics these microclimates add a pleasant minerality and freshness to the grapes. Between 3,500 and 7,000 plants per ha. The variety - Pinot Bianco, is approximately 30 years old. A very fresh grape with good minerality. Pergola and guyot-trained. The former being used to protect the grapes from over-exposure to sun and potential shrivelling, the latter for grapes to receive more exposure.


Hand-harvested, fermented at controlled temperature of 20 degrees in stainless steel containers. No malolactic fermentation, refined on the fine lees for four months in stainless steel containes.

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100% Pinot Bianco