wine producer


Region: Puglia


Vallone was founded in 1934 and remains a family-run business to this day. It is one of the most historic estates in Puglia and among the top for quality. A historically important figure for the company is Franco Vallone, who in the 1970’s restructured and modernised the winery. He was responsible for the exportation of the first bottle of DOC Brindisi 1973 to the United States. Franco passed away untimely in 1979.
Since 2014, Franco Vallone’s son, Francesco, has been the director of the winery, representing the 4th generation of the Vallone family working in winemaking.


Total hectarage planted to vines stands at 170 hectares from a total 630 hectares. In fact, three separate estates form Vallone: Azienda Iore in Salentino, Azienda Flaminio in Brindisi and Azienda Castel Serranova in Carovigno.
Vallone employs bush and cordon/guyot methods for training their vines, which are autochthonous, being predominantly of the Negroamaro variety. A system of crop rotation is also in use throughout their vineyards to ensure constantly fertile soil for the vines, which grow alongside olives, vegetables and other plants typical of the region.