Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi DOC Riserva le Giuncare

Region: Marche

Sub-region: Arcevia


From the “Tassanare vecchio” vineyard, in the commune of Arcevia. Soil is predominantly calcareous, and of medium consistency. Vines are planted at 350 m.asl, and trained using the simple 'archetti' system. Yields 60 ql. per ha.


Hand-harvested in early October. Grapes are cold macerated at 5ºC for 12 hours. Fermentation is brought about by raising the temperature to 18°C, and activating it with 'Bayanus' yeasts. 25% aged in 5 - 10 hl. oak casks, 75% in steel vats for 14 months; then 6 months in bottle.

Grape Varieties

Verdicchio 100%