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Santa Venere

Region: Calabria


Santa Venere is located in the ancient, rolling hills of Cirò, a small, ancient Calabrian town. The estate has belonged to the Scala family since the 1600s, who have been cultivating the land for centuries – though the winery’s current production levels date back to the 1960s when Federico Scala established a winery on the estate, naming it ‘Santa Venere’ after the stream that runs through the territory.
At first the only family member to work in the winery, he was gradually joined by multiple other family members, who together built the wine to the levels of greatness it enjoys today.


Santa Venere is certified organic and is comprised of around 150 hectares of land.
Together, the Scala family have made some important decisions, such as the selection of enologist Riccardo Cotarella; the decision to produce only organic wines, and the decision to only produce wines from autochthonous varieties.
This zone is ideally suited to grape-growing, with the winery's hilltop vineyards favourably positioned with a sea-facing exposure creating an ideal microclimate for viticulture.