wine producer


Region: Sicilia


The Nicosia family have been involved in the wine business since 1898, when Nicosia's current owner's great grandfather opened a tavern on the eastern slopes of Mount Etna, in Trecastagni. Interestingly, the tavern was instrumental in supporting and promoting little-known Sicilian wines of fine quality, specifically autochthonous ones, such as Etna Rosso made from Nerello Mascalese.
Today, Carmelo Nicosia, his children and an enthusiastic group of young professionals run this impressive winery, and have seen it go from strength to strength.


Nicosia oversees a number of wineries across Sicily, where specific grape varieties can be grown in their natural setting. Their primary winery is in Trecastagni, on the eastern slopes of Etna, at 650 - 750 m.asl. There is a second winery in Vittoria, near Ragusa, in south-east Sicily. The family also own a number of smaller wineries in Trapani and Palermo.
Annual output is approximately 2,000,000 bottles per annum.