wine producer

Piano dei Daini

Region: Sicilia


Sofia Ponzini started Piano dei Daini (Tenute Bosco) in 2010 when she acquired two vineyards, around 8 hectares, on the slopes of Etna and breathed life into the estate. There is evidence of this estate existing for a number of decades, with documents by Abbot Rabbit Castiglione dating back to 1669, describing it as an area of vineyards and wine presses.


On this estate, there are vines which are over 120 years old, planted in the pre-phylloxera era, on land that was formed some 300 years ago by Etna's last major eruption.
Piano dei Daini’s vines grow on the north-facing side of Etna’s slopes, Solicchiata and Passopisciaro. Where this would normally be problematic for the vines, here they grow with ease in the microclimate created by the active volcano and neighbouring mountain ranges
The vines adopt a traditional ‘albarello’ method of propagation where the vines are free standing and propped up by dry stone walls. With a focus on reviving the traditions of these vineyards, the main grape varieties grown are the indigenous Sicilian Nerello Mascarese, Nerello Cappuccio and Carricante.