wine producer

Terre Porziane

Region: Lazio


After 6 generations as wine merchants and producers, the Pulcini family decided to establish their own winery. In 1974, Antonio Pulcini took on the role of technical and commercial management and founded Colli di Catone, using the knowledge and experience passed on to him by generations of producers and wine merchants in his family.
Colli di Catone (Terre Porziane's previous name) began enjoying such success that by the early 80s, the winery was exporting 90% of its production to 33 countries. In 1983, Antonio purchased Colle Gaio, where for the first time he began to produce white wines entirely from the autochthonous ‘Malvasia del Lazio’ variety. A notable quality of this wine being its extraordinary ability to age, gaining surprising richness and complexity over the course of several years.