Frascati Superiore DOC Colle Gaio

Region: Lazio


Volcanic soils, rich in potassium, phosphorus and other elements. Though quick draining, this type of soil retains sufficient moisture to sustain the vine even in times of drought. The high concentration of minerals in the soil favours the production of top quality fruit. The Colle Gaio vineyard is a 3 ha. slope facing North-East in the commune on Monte Porzio Catone at 400 m.asl. Locally recognized as one of the top crus of Frascati. Short pruning and radical summer bunch thinning concentrate yields to a mere 20 hl/ha.


The bunches are selected and harvested by hand. The berries are destemmed, lightly crushed and cold macerated for 72 hours. The must is then gently pressed in a pneumatic press, before a slow fermentation at low temperature. Then the wine is stored in stainless steel vats until the beginning of the following vintage, when the wine is bottled. The bottles of Colle Gaio then complete their maturation in caves bored into Tufa rock where the temperature remains constantly at 15 °C.

Grape Varieties

100% Malvasia del Lazio