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Lis Neris


Lis Neris was born in San Lorenzo, southwest of Gorizia, and has been a family of winemakers since 1879. The family’s estate, located in the centre of Friuli, has been passed down four generations.
1981 was a significant year in the estate’s history where they introduced new approaches to increase the quality of their wines. This included renovating the winery, making it 100% gravity fed.


Lis Neris’ estate is comprised of 74 hectares of planted vineyards situated between the Isonzo river to the south and the Slovenian border to the North
Their total production is around 30,000 cases a year from the estate vineyards and closely managed vineyards in Slovenia.
The climate is characteristically Mediterranean with prevailing winds coming from the Adriatic called the Bora, cooling the microclimate.
Even though the winery is not certified organic, they still follow sustainable practices by using less harmful products on their vines.