wine producer

La Guardiense

Region: Campania


Originally formed by 33 members in 1960, La Guardiense winery has since flourished and now boasts around 1000 members making it one of the largest in Italy! Operating from Santa Lucia di Guardia Sanframondi in Benevento, the co-operative is one of the region's most enduring success stories.
The winery has fanned the local economy and is now being exported across the world to European and American markets.


The winery's shared vineyards now span over 2,000 hectares and are mostly located on Campania's gently undulating hills, with its own microclimate protecting vines from heat and cold, at an approximate altitude of 350m above sea level. La Guardiense's annual output is approximately 240, 000 Hl. per year and their best-known product is “Janare”.