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Vinexus: Vintage Italia 2020

Vinexus: Vintage Italia 2020 Generally speaking, the 2020 harvest in Italy faired a lot better than the world under COVID, as many producers were less distracted by the usual demands from the market and could focus on getting the best possible results from mother nature. In terms of volumes, Italy’s production in 2020 was similar […]

Barolo 2015, Barbaresco 2016, Brunello 2014

Vintage Barolo 2015 –  Seen in an historic context, 2015 had to be good. 2014 had failed to excite – and that’s putting it mildly (in fact, for a late-ripener like Nebbiolo, 2014 turned out after all the damning journalistic dice were irretrievably cast to be surprisingly well typed and easily enjoyable; but thereby hangs […]


Source: produttori e assoenologi   Here’s the definitive picture for the 2018 Vintage Italia:   52 million HL of wine and must were produced in Italy which is +24% on 2017. There has been an abundance of quantity compared to most recent vintages but quality is somewhat heterogeneous, with good for the most part and […]