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Italian fine wine current vintages: Brunello 17, Barolo 18, Barbaresco 19

Brunello 2017 Vintage report After the highs of the much-acclaimed 2016 vintage, we now face one of Italy’s most challenging vintages of recent times, 2017, and Montalcino was not spared its effects. Indeed, Italy’s official enological body commented “we have not had such an exceptional and unusual growing season as this in living memory” (Assoenologi). […]

Vinexus: VINTAGE ITALIA 2021 update (Sept 2021)

The first official figures are out from the various Italian official bodies (Assoenologi, Ismea e Unione Italiana Vini), with estimates on the 2021 harvest. Usually, these are quite accurate despite the harvest being in full swing.   A general picture for the 2021 Italian vintage is difficult to outline due to extremes of weather conditions […]

The secret behind the great wines of Cavallotto, Castiglione Falletto.

  In honour of Olivio Cavallotto (and other Barolo producers) who passed away due to the COVID 19 pandemic.   When tasting the battery of wines produced by Cavallotto you know there is something unique which cannot be repeated anywhere else in the world. This small plot, in an enviable position on a prominent Castiglione […]

Vinexus: Vintage Italia 2020

Vinexus: Vintage Italia 2020 Generally speaking, the 2020 harvest in Italy faired a lot better than the world under COVID, as many producers were less distracted by the usual demands from the market and could focus on getting the best possible results from mother nature. In terms of volumes, Italy’s production in 2020 was similar […]

ANTEPRIMA Brunello ’16, Barolo ’17, Barbaresco ’18 [07th & 08th 10/2020]

The Institute of Masters of Wine, London Despite COVID Vinexus yet again desired to promote Italy’s finest with its annual ANTEPRIMA in London, presenting the new vintages of Brunello, Barolo and Barbaresco pre-release. For many in the London trade this was their first trade tasting since the lockdown and so we’d like to thank all […]


20th August. The Italian harvest has already started for some of the earlier ripening varieties. For most, producers are cleaning their presses! Here are some reflexions on the eve of 2020 harvest: Despite COVID, producers have been very active in the vineyards through the year and have been able to carry out all vineyard work […]


Every year Vinexus holds its ANTEPRIMA Barolo, Brunello, Barbaresco. This year was special. Rarely do two great vintages, for very different reasons, come one after the other and in the case Barolo and Brunello, this means they are released together. In October, at the INSTITUTE OF MASTERS OF WINE, Vinexus showed some of the best […]

Chianti Classico : The Communes

THE iconic Tuscan red is at once arguably the most respected and the most misunderstood wine in Italy’s rich vinous tapestry. In production under the Chianti banner since the Middle Ages, Chianti Classico is the star of that magical land of mountain, hill and valley, of oak, pine, cypress and chestnut, of vineyard and olive […]

Barolo 2015, Barbaresco 2016, Brunello 2014

Vintage Barolo 2015 –  Seen in an historic context, 2015 had to be good. 2014 had failed to excite – and that’s putting it mildly (in fact, for a late-ripener like Nebbiolo, 2014 turned out after all the damning journalistic dice were irretrievably cast to be surprisingly well typed and easily enjoyable; but thereby hangs […]
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