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Tenuta di Tavignano

Region: Marche


Tenuta di Tavignano was acquired in 1973 by Stefano Aymerich di Laconi, of Sardinian and Spanish origins, and by his wife Beatrice Lucangeli, a descendant of a traditional winemaking family from the Marche. The couple restored the estate carefully whilst respecting its authenticity


Located in Cingoli, also known as the ‘Balcony of the Marche’ in a particularly scenic area. The winery sits on a hill overlooking the Esino valley and river Musone.
This is a 230-hectare estate, 30 of which are exclusively dedicated to producing autochthonous Verdicchio DOCG and Rosso Piceno wines.
Great care is taken to cultivate grapes in a sensitive way, with the lowest possible impact to the surrounding environment. In fact, as of the 2014 vintage, Tavignano will be introducing a range of sulphite-free organic wines to their list.
Since 2018, the winery has been certified organic in all of its operations, both in the cellar and the vineyard.