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Ca Rome

Region: Piemonte


Located on top of the Rabaja' hill, the Ca' (short for 'casa' in Piedmontese dialect) Rome' winery has a beautiful view of the rolling Langhe hills.
The winery was founded by Romano Marengo in 1980 and has since been joined by son and daughter Giuseppe and Paola, who work as oenologist and marketing executive (respectively).


The estate measures a little over 5 hectares and is divided between Barbaresco and Serralunga d'Alba in Barolo.


Chiaramanti - located in Barbaresco (Rio Sordo). Tortonian-Messinian soil, rich in compact blue marl alongside elements like manganese, boron, and zinc. Altitudes vary between 270-300 meters (886-984 feet) above sea level. 100% Nebbiolo for a full-flavored and velvety Barbaresco.

Rio Sordo - This vineyard is located in the Barbaresco municipality. Soils (called “White marl of Saint Agatha”) in this vineyard date back to the Tortonian-Messinian period. Rich in elements like manganese, zinc, and boron, with fine particles that tend to easily form erodible laminae (silty marl). Complex aromas with a long finish of ripe fruit.

Maria di Brün – These vineyards located in Barbaresco. The “White marl of Saint Agatha” soils in this vineyard are rich in calcareous clay containing elements like magnesium and manganese. Full-flavored and velvety, with good body and structure.
Serralunga d'Alba

Cerretta – This vineyard located in Serralunga d’Alba. Helvetian soil, rich in compact blue marl. Altitude varies between 310-371 meters (1150-1214 feet) above sea level. Rich fruit, licorice, rose and violet with light notes of oak.

Rapet – This vineyard located in Serralunga d’Alba, with a southwestern exposure. The soils date back to the Helvetian period. Compact calcareous clay which alternates with sandy layers. Altitude varies between 350-371 meters (1,150-1,217 feet) above sea level. 100% Nebbiolo with fruity aromas and floral and spicy notes.